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Beginner Driver Education Certification and Unlimited In Car Driving Lessons for $499.95

Ontario Drivers Training helps new drivers overcome common driving mistakes by making informed decisions on how to anticipate situations while driving.  Our defensive drivers training program is designed to prevent accidents and promote safer roads in our communities. The Beginners Driving Education (BDE) course covers topics like: emergency avoidance, principles of safety, control of fear and emotions, critical decision making, quick reactions, and so on.

Beginners Driving Education:

  • may reduce insurance rates,
  • will teach safe and accident free driving techniques,
  • will teach protection techniques and how to handle road rage and speeding,
  • will teach safe driving techniques in bad weather and adverse conditions. The course will hone skills in highway driving, night driving, and extreme weather driving,
  • will highlight safety issues and teach emergency action too,
  • will create responsible citizens which mean children and families will remain protected,
  • Defensive driving classes will improve driving skills, reiterate driving laws and rules and make better drivers of people.

The Ontario Government recognizes the importance of drivers training and has implemented a standardized training curriculum by approving Ontario Drivers Training program.

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